Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee. All the animations and concerts are free.
You only have to pay the shuttle bus to join the event and the historical trains, the “Train 1900” and the mining train “Minièresbunn” (usual rates, see below).


Site of Fond-de-Gras closed to private vehicles; even to historic vehicles of all kinds

How to get to the Anno 1900 – Steampunk Convention Luxembourg:

  • By Train 1900 from Pétange

From the platform Train 1900 (signposted : behind the CFL train station, rue de Niederkorn, free parking available)

Schedule Pétange to Fond-de-Gras
Saturday : 11h00 – 12h10 – 13h15 – 14h15 – 15h15 – 16h15 – 17h15 – 17h52 – 18h35 – 19h10
Sunday : 11h00 – 12h00 – 12h45 – 13h30 – 14h15 – 15h00 – 15h45 – 16h30 – 17h15 – 18h00 -18h45 – 19h25

Last return : saturday 18h30, sunday 18h45

Price: Adult 12€, children 9€ (round trip ticket)

No reservation possible

  • Or shuttle bus from P+R in Differdange, Niederkorn and Pétange (signposted)

starting at 10h45 (every 10-15 minutes)
Price: 2€/person
No reservation possible, payable in cash only

Differdange: Parking Hauts-Fourneaux et Centre-ville
Niederkorn: rue Pierre Gansen
Pétange Carena: rue Eucosider                                                                              Last return : 18h45    

  • Or by walk from the swimming pool “Piko” in Rodange (20 minutes – 1,5 km). Only for person who are well on foot !


Historic trains only take cash. On the site, there is an ATM (cash dispenser), sponsored by BCEE – Banque and Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, Luxembourg.


We are very much aware that photographers find steampunks very photogenic. The vast majority are respectful and considerate, there always seems to be a few that occasionally fail to follow common courtesy.

Behaviour advices for photographers

Many steampunks love being photographed – but some do not.

  • do ask politely if you can take a picture
  • do explain what the images will be used for and offer contact details
  • respect the individual’s wishes
  • do not order them around just to get the right angle
  • remember steampunks are not paid models
  • « no » means no
  • there are spaces where taking photos is strictly forbidden: toilets and food corners.

Behaviour advices for steampunks

Your rights:

  • say “no”
  • ask the photographer politely to see the pictures of you
  • ask them to remove any images you are in
  • ask them their contact details
  • ask what they are planning on doing with the images afterwards
  • the session is over when you say it is. If you become uncomfortable at any time, just tell them.

Remember, that if they are going to be selling the photo, then you are effectively an unpaid model. Once you’ve given your consent, they can pretty much do with it what they like.


We recognise that fantastic steampunk weapons are a big part of the steampunk genre and we are always delighted and amazed by the creativity of some people.

But please be aware that even replica weapons can cause alarm in a public place so we grant us the right to ask you to store this weapon(s) in a safe place if it appears to be inappropriate.

After-convention dinner

We don’t organize any official after-convention party.

An association “Vapor Magna Patria” invites everybody to join their annual dinner at the Restaurant “Béierhaascht” in Bascharage. Mandatory registration : link


Pétange (14 minutes by walk (1,2 km) from departure Train 1900)
– Threeland Hotel

Niederkorn (14 minutes by walk (1,1 km) from the P+R Niederkorn)
– Hotel No151

– Brasserie Beierhaascht
– De Brauhotel
– Hôtel Carpini

– Le Presbytère

– Ibis Esch-Belval
– ResidHome Esch-Belval
– The Seven Hotel
– Hotel Restaurant Acacia
– Youth Hostel
– Camping Galgenbierg
– Escher Bamhaiser
– Hôtel de la Poste

– Hotel Restaurant MiaZia

– Hotel Monvillage

<!> Sorry, there are no places for caravans or mobile homes in Fond-de-Gras.